Julianna has an abundance of talent and is so easy to work with. She pays close attention to the needs of the project overall, the project manager and responds to problems with great creative solutions. I hope to work with Julianna again.

Shelly Felder, Senior Director Marketing & Communications at Mount Sinai Queens

Julianna was, most definitely, the designer at 92Y with which I most preferred to work. She consistently went above and beyond any requirements, working closely with the marketing and editorial teams to make sure her designs were not only innovative and creative, but truly served the needs of the project. Julianna's work was superb, her attitude was positive and friendly, and her work ethic was beyond reproach.

Eric Hanser, Senior Strategist at Digital Operative Inc.

Julianna has an incredible eye for design and style, and an innate ability to listen to a client's needs and provide spot-on deliverables, from conception to completion. I had the great pleasure of working closely with Julianna on a number of complex projects, and she always impressed me with her dedication, her creativity, her grace under pressure and her willingness to think outside of the box and go above and beyond to deliver superb results. A number of items we worked on together received design awards for Julianna's natural ability to translate a brief into an effective finished product.

Renee Dumouchel, Associate Director, External Affairs at Guggenheim Museum

Julianna created an elegant, innovative infographic to help families understand the process of the MIND-USA clinical research study. She was responsive, dedicated, and helpful throughout the process. We ended up with a visually appealing, exceptionally well-designed graphic summary of a very complex process that impressed the entire study team.

Megan Anders, Anesthesiologist / Intensivist

Julianna's experience always shines through in her work. She is able to manage a project, creatively guide her team and execute unique design work – and she does it all with a healthy dose of cheer and wit. Her presence at 92Y was a delight and her reliability was astounding. Anyone looking for a genuinely creative leader, an incredibly resilient and dependable team player, and a productive and unique contributor would be lucky to find Julianna.

Kathryn Baxter, Copy Writer Editor

I have had a long, creative relationship with Julianna Sukle and her team.

I first caught Julianna’s work for the Guggenheim when she asked my opinion of it.

I was blown away at its creativity and vibrancy. This is why we selected her to build investinlosangeles.biz. I needed a site that would draw international buyers to Los Angeles, where we sell high end real estate. Not only did she come up with a bold and exciting site, she even changed my logo which I had been attached to for 20+ years! 

She also hired a top notch copywriter to accurately and invitingly talk about different areas of our market. Whenever a change had to be made, as they always do, I was confident Julianna and her team would get it done quickly and precisely.

I can give no stronger recommendation to anyone looking for a corporate ID, website, or general great creative work!

Victor Kaminoff, Founder and Executive Director, Architectural & Unique Properties

Julianna is one of my favorite colleagues to work with. We've worked together 5+ years in a variety of project settings, from logo design to large and complicated web builds, for large non-profit organizations to boutique clients. Through every project, Julianna makes it a priority to not only deliver products above expectations, but to communicate her methodology along the way, setting clients' minds at ease and ensuring everyone involved in a project understands and is comfortable with the process. Not only is Julianna tremendously easy to work with, but you can relax knowing she's going to deliver exactly what the client asked for, and more.

Mike Levine, Senior Developer, Collection Craze